Teaching is an important part of my fabric as a mathematician. My teaching philosophy, in a nutshell, is to train confident thinkers able to think analytically about problems both inside and outside of mathematics.

I have taught a broad spectrum of courses in various countries. Particular courses that I love teaching are multivariable calculus, real analysis, and measure theory.

Courses I have taught:

Amherst College

  • Multivariable Calculus (Math 211)
  • Intro to Calculus (Math 111)

Dartmouth College, USA

  • Metric Spaces and Measure Theory (Math 73/103)
  • Measure Theory and Complex Analysis (Math 73/103)
  • Real Analysis (Math 35)
  • Complex Analysis (Math 43)
  • Accelerated Multivariable Calculus (Math 11)
  • Calculus of Functions of One Variable (Math 8)

University of Otago, New Zealand

  • Introductory Algebra (Summer School)
  • Linear Algebra

University of Pretoria, South Africa

  • Introductory Algebra
  • Calculus (single and multivariable)
  • Introductory Algebra (Engineering stream)
  • Calculus (Engineering stream)
  • Pre-calculus (Biology stream)
  • Analysis (Engineering stream)